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She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate stone i know i know... mercutio was talking about me

Thursday, July 27, 2006

an unquiet mind

Not mine mind... just my latest read -I would have told you to see image above, uploadding time too long- (not amused)- so went on and put a totally irrelevant image ( very amused)

My mind is getting pretty disquitened now...I am being infomed that there's a thin line between creativity and insanity...

There is no room for boring in my line of work... my leisure time is full of all things creative well apart from the booze- must be conditioning or genes.

I am half way through- will finish book, and get rid of the noise and get back to my life-I dont like the psychoanalysis shit, it messes with my head and makes me think methinks I am mad- but it is a good read.... now you understand why I like me trashy 'out of this world' novels- just need to give me mind a short vacation.

so back to Kay Redfield Jamison and her unquiet mind- looking for brilliant insights (or award winning concepts)- will tell you about it.


I hate asskissers... sneak preview to a rant coming soon

*music up*fluff pillow* sip drink* recline* and a bientot...*

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

may day, may day

This is a case of reading instructions after using appliance, or puting it together and realising that one you have an extra piece(it must be a spare part yeah?)

*wail*anyway, i would really like to add my favorite blogs onto my page,*sniff , sniff* and my favorite links, it just wont work.

pls be kind at my show of lack of knowledge and perform you good deed for the month (see help lissingmink with whatever problem she has on blogging)... *light bulb* your sex life will improve cant pass that up can you? *large wide puppy eyed look* help a sister here.

one last *sniffle* for the road.
here's you chance to rescue your damsel in distress; she's looking over the horizon for her prince (or princess- tee hee) riding his laser mouse.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

my boy lollipop

E-the pre-sex boyfriend- i learnt how to cook (i am darn good now)- he dared me and i went went like bring it on- and dashed to my friend's place, who taught me how to cook spaghetti and mince meat. he brought out the best in me- then... he rewaltzed into my life hoping for lessons in sex... eeeh

M- the first non-starter in my life;
body language "hello! i am throwing myself at you here- you wouldnt know p***y if it sat on your face!"
M: "pass the salt"
there have been a few afterwards, I must admit it was kinda cute (once upon a time!!) but... dont have the energy luv!

R- m's friend who became my first shag and and lesson in heartbreak, heartache and consequently, the rebound.

P- was a case of date rape; had it out with him 2 ys later, insulted him and told him to 'go to hell', and felt the weight lift off my shoulders, wasnt as exhilarating when I received the news 6 months, that he had died in a car crash - and FYI i was oceans away from him, dont get ur imagination a-ticking.

V- my first dump- that wasnt the problem, this was ;"it's not you *deep sigh* it is me.."
i was like hell no! you did not just use my line on me! Was in shock, then decided to get even; wormed my way back into his life and dumped him- hahaaaaa who's laughing now! i feel ... i feel just eeeh nothing?... well will do happy dance anyway; take that!

B- most experimental shag- but least ambitious partner... just wouldnt work

P- we should have been; wont take anything for 'guaranteed'(see granted) again. we see each other about once or twice a year, and we have both moved on, in a fleeting moment of familiarity encumbered by our different lives now, and the question still hangs ...

"what happened? who?"

J- had learnt my lesson from P well and this was memorable, *sigh* too bad we were going different places as in geographically, timezone speaking but still- *singing ...i had the time of my life* and no it isnt ironic that it was theme song to dirty dancing - the movie for chrissake

H- my first and i hope the very last premature ejaculator! *crossing myself*- I am doing a good deed a day to keep this terrible misfortune out of my next lives.

M- you still make my heart skip a bit, ok well it's like trippin all over the place... maybe I will blog about u sometime...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The thought counts...

It's now official, we are in the 2nd half of the year, and tommorow is my birthday- always gets me thinking about things... you know... things

I decided to learn a new language (again) would really love to do a stint in a Francophone a portugueese country (portugaphone?...) *dreamy look...sigh* actually remembering dreamy Portugeese apollo I once knew- maybe i should take up sign language instead- no portugeese. So look for my good old directory and no- we do not have a Portuguese embassy; French it is... eh, beginning of next year.

Clearing book shelf now, and what do i see, my piano sheet music- i was supposed to get back to that. drat missed the exams this year! sigh...soon, very soon- stroke favorite music book lovingly, hum a few notes, and oh well, where's my Kaweesa CD(topping my charts at the moment)

Latest shopping spree was very rewarding; can still feel the endorphin high, got myself sneakers, in answer to the call to action to start gymming- when did I decide this? yeah, my last birthday- but not to worry, better late than never- they look fab with my jeans... hungry, might as well eat- since i will be going to the gym now... soon; very soon.

oh yeah, get a headache when i think of it- my MBA- been doing it since... aaah stopped counting the years, when is the deadline for intake? mental note to pass by university and pick application forms. I wonder how David (not real name) is doing- i always feel pretty enlightened after a polite drink up with him; genius, he is. oh well, back to latest trashy novel (hey, i tried the Gandhi autobiography- kept falling asleep- i know, i know he is supposed to be inspiring; just preffered the Dorothy Danderich autobiography); a book a week is the motto.

Tired of the old haunts, made pact with friend to see more of Uganda; after all we are supposed to be "gifted by nature"; why not now... Sunday, let's go for it- ooh the rush... *humming- "i am going out of town...* what am I going to wear- staring at totally packed wardrobe- "*wail* i have nothing to wear!". wait, if i am going out of town, need to call...eeeeh...uuuuh...eeeeh- ok, first things first, make mental note to up my 'friendship maintenance'.

Ok if I can't make it out of town I will do the outskirts, paintball- hooking up with Moha (still not real name)- figured it is the safer option; ever since trying shooting clay pigeons, got freaked out by maniacal look on partner's face as he shot at clay pigeons, and didnt quite the ringing in the ears, and ok fine- i sucked big time!
I digress; back to paintball- look for oldest jeans and t-shirt, and slip into sneakers- all set for the paintballs; we get to venue and..
"you up to it?"
"yeah, you?"
"yeah, yeah, just.."
"me too; I'm hungry- lunch?"
"sure... while we think about it of course"
"of course"
and that was as close as we got to the paint balls- the lunch was fantstic!

I can give a zillion examples, 'yawn yawn' .... Hey, dont judge me. I aim for the sun to reach... well, I reach the first floor sometimes; touch the clouds, then 5th floor- at the end of the day; the thought counts, doesnt it?