fiddle dee

She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate stone i know i know... mercutio was talking about me

Friday, September 21, 2007

Per Second Billing... hahaha

For all the single brothers and sisters shopping for one... please do not buy what you dont need.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Leading lady

2007 came with a lot-the most worrying; writer’s bloc! or so I thought.

You figure that may be that life had slowed down and finally ground to a halt? Au contraire! Major rants and raves, and shifting philosophies of life, celebrating achievements, dealing with losses with my infamous pity parties (anyone need consultation? you can afford it- for now!), in and out and back in love again- I should have been on a major blog-a-thorn, right? Wrong!

Like a true case of manic depression, after the mania (in every possible description of the term) that lasted about a year, came the huge dip- what an anti climax! With all the goals (that I now realize were short term) accomplished, and to-do list ticked off… eeeh, came a huge deepening, gnawing feeling of “NEXT!”

Then as a ‘in small doses’ drinking bud (should come in minuscule-microscopic-cannot-be-seen amounts!) went into a self-righteous lecture (on my account!) about selling oneself short blah blah blah and blah di blah blaaah- something snapped.

Let’s just say I realised 2 is no longer my lucky number, I am liking the limelight, stray puppies/dogs/bitches have used up their quota and I am the lead instrument in this symphony.

It wasn’t bloc- the language had changed and I hadn’t realised it, the two step had flipped to a waltz and the person I thought I knew was but a fading image I couldn’t capture on paper no more. True, I love my archives, and a lot of what I read is nothing more than a fleeting moment of déjà vous- true story!

Meet the leading act… she does love the sound of applause!