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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Adieu Adieu to You and You and You!

I dont think Lissing’s here anymore; in fact I am sure she left about 2 years ago!
How did I not see it?
I will miss her; she was deep, funny and plain weird… she preferred eclectic or quirky- yes, it helped her sleep at night!

I guess I will say lissing’s goodbyes for her, I bet she does miss you all terribly... you may occasionally catch glimpses of her at



Anonymous Sleek said...

what's with the move?
I'll keep the old link for a while,lest you do a Nevender on us and stick to the old blog

7:16 AM  
Anonymous TheKidd Inc said...

haahaaa! decadentthirties!!! haaahaaa! somebody... puuuullleeease hold me back.. haaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaahaaahaa bwaaahaaahahaaaa! Lissing, i'll never let u go! there is enuf room for all of us in that body! MPD is cool. we luv lissing, at least i do. Bring her back!

11:54 PM  

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