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Friday, February 20, 2009

Phase 2

About september 2006, I gleefully quit the world of advertising, threw up my hands and yelled that's it... I have had just about enough.... i need to get out before I grab the watchman's rungu and funny looking object he carries around menancingly, in the name of protection; (a gun is it?) and proceed to pound on any head that maks me think baseball practise.

It took several months (literally) to switch off from advertising.... several dozen series from 24, CSI, Rome, how I met your mother, coupling boston legal, vanished etc; many, many novels- that led to the need to create more book shelves; piano; partying promptly followed by hermiting; travelling; catching up with everything that had been put on hold; gyming; cable TV... and then I began to unravel and unwind and finally switch off from the mind functioning like a darn copywriter.

Then landed Zazz, a complete stranger with great ideas, and then took off my first phase of my thirties; event. this was/is great fun.. alot of draining, mind numbing, feet throbbing, red eyed, late nights, but fun nontheless; our fun. We learnt the world of perception, and played it to the fullest; produced big shows; publishd magazines; had great photo and video shoots; sorted through the crowd and hand picked our team; briefed and debriefed; dreamt and executed; laughed and cried; yelled and kept mumb; drew up contracts; learnt to put a price on our expertise... all these on an almost nonexistent budget.- true story!!!

you must be wondering where all this is going.... we getting there- slowly slowly, mos mos, mpola mpola............ and we are here; 2009 and phase two (I assume) of my thirties; want to guess? back again- in advertising, copywriting! Loooooove the brand I am working on, haaaaaaaaaaaaaate the screamers that be my clients, and the emotional extrovert that be my MD, the passive aggressive introvert that be my creative director, the emotionally stunted idiot that be the video editor; the pompous villager dressed up in'town' clothes that uses words like lugubrious and walloped in heavily accented spoken English, and of course, the rest- meaning they dont quite impact on me.

so, today, i am particularly sleepy, and not in the mood for work... so I figured I may be a bit constructive and jot down a little something something on my blogspot. well, at least the information's mine- or so i ignorantly and arogantly think- I just looking for an excuse to say "fuck facebook!" because I can... yes, I can.

oh, and in the process of my very self involved piece about me life and me, me, me, me... I forgot to mention landmark happenings that touched the core of my life philosophy and me; however remote.

I got to stay in a relationship longer than ever- true, mostly due to the fact that it is long distance;- fell in love with the idea of it, got disillusioned, was not surprised but disappointed at him, tried to get off him, hated what I kept bumping into, changed my mind and figured I just might settle, then thought, you know what, a bit busy right now, it'll happen when it happens; was saddened and shaken by the election violence in Kenya; was totally unamused when got a peek at the greed of those with so much aready; acquired a good friend; got to get so much off 'the things I would like to do' list; mentally got several people off their pedestals and realised there are ery few exceptional people; witnessed history as Obama got elected as president... I shall remember the rest....

Let me get back to my crazy world! and soon the events start again, I start my mba while I am still in advertising.