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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kantai can tie a tie

"I can do that"
After a long while, and dear dear experience- i mean forget 'twice shy' it loses meaning after the umpteenth time- you realise the multiple meaning to the phrase ... for example

people say they can and they cant

people say they can and they wont

people say they can and they keep 'can'ing- eeeh anytime this century...

people say they can because they can and will never admit they can't - so you can... not?

people who say they can and they say they have done it forever (guess) they cant!!

people who say they can... actually they dont, they ask you to ask someone else if they can- hello!- earth to 'i-am-speaking-to-you-d** khead'

people who say they can and keep adding ".... and also that one I can"- cue to scream SHUT UP- "Madam, even.."

Eish...! how is one supposed to sift all through these 'can'ts (pun pun); i think we are in dire need of serious head hunters and/or job agencies... but then again they will also tell they 'can' and you would have to figure which 'can' it is!

Please tell me i am not alone!...

i know- kicking off the year (it is my first) with a rant, lissing style!