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She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate stone i know i know... mercutio was talking about me

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An apparent day three

So, it's now wednesday, and I have to talk about last night... tsk tsk

I did my thing, got home, made a sandwich, finished reading my weekend papers- (none of the five minute wonders we have for daily newspapers... and the rags that try to write in English)- Ugandan newspapers are the worst... and I am a patriotic person, but we need a general overhaul of writers, maybe it is the readers... let us all boycott newspapers, or better still demand for a particular column only, and pay for just that... or, I digress, so the weekend papers, then I remember the book I was to pick up... something about nice girls never getting the corner office... I guess I have to settle for telly; I switch it on an promptly snooze... I do have sleep arrears.

Two friends , half a heroes and a third episodesof south park later I groggily lift my mass off the sofa and drag my feet to my bed (it is made in heaven!... you just float off to never never land and "ring ring"... and my unwinding was picking it up. someone needed to talk and again, they brought along a drink... I'm I sensing a pattern here? a group of enabling friends... are they real friends (as opposed to imaginary- stupid!)

so yes, I couldnt say no... I sat down groggily and listened to him go and on for an hour before kicking him out of my house and me getting to sleep, two nightcaps later.

Oh it is now end of day today, I really dont feel like a drink, and I hope I have run out of enabling late visiting friends... on to day four.


my cat still thinks it is a dog at times, and loves to play catch.... weirdo!!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I dont think I am a substance abuser, but the again denial is one of the stages towards admitting an addiction. since it is let, having no clue what lent is about and who is supposed to give back what after this season, the little i understand and get from snippets of conversation it is about giving up something...

so this is my lent... getting off the juice.

day one... still good, i know i have alcohol in the house... wondering if it counts drinking that which was bought much earlier?...

I guess i will keep updating this... Monday, calm before the storm... hope it isnt that windy!!!


about last night, the bottle was still there and the mixer half full right there... then I got home earlier than usual... dum dum dee dum.... tap tap tap, flip channell, flip, flip , flip... calll, surf the net on my phone, flip, dum, tap, dee dum.... argh fuck it... the drink was already there, I didnt go out of my way to get any, it just seats there staring at me with it's half empty puppy eyes... and when was the last time I was here early anyway... live a little lissing, live a little.

that was that... and then the phone call, and buddy drops home, and carries a night cap... dude! I had nothing to do with this, unless you count tipsy sublimnal messages *hehehe* so what the heck... is someone looking for me or what!

so I am writing this today on tuesday, close to twos day... like day two and I am about to get off work... early agin... but this is because some stupid idiot is trying to pull his weight, in the process, losing me 12 hours of valuable production time, which means for real, i will be multitasking tommorow, in between screaming phone calls from different bosses- I juust might need a drink at the thought of this... but nope.. I shall not be moved!

In love actually lust... whatever! it is a good feeling!

day three coming up!!