fiddle dee

She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes In shape no bigger than an agate stone i know i know... mercutio was talking about me

Friday, April 20, 2007

of emotions near extinct

This would be the point where I would be locked in my room... typing away harshly at my laptop- on more or less auto coz vision is kinda misty- whilst wailing like a wounded animal and alternatingly cursing like a sailor!!!!

but no... nothing

And the girlfriends would run to the rescue with all necessary ingredients for a 'pity' party and major male bashing session under the influence of licit and illicit substances!!

and no... nothing- again

I am like woah! chill girl, get in touch with your inner 'girlie' self... eeeh- "...can not be reached at the moment..."

I bet you are wondering what I am on about- I just got played big time! though, the weird thing is i should have realised this ages ago.... but noooooo- like crack, once tasted; i knew i had to hit it again, and again and again and... catch the drift

honestly, this many hook ups down the road... it is down right embarrasing!!!!!

at the end of the day " he is just not that into you girl"

really? I would have sworn... then again... well, either i am drained of emotion and like in 'les mes' "now life has killed the dream i dreamed"...


... "i just was not that into him"...well There's a newsflash!!!