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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Leading lady

2007 came with a lot-the most worrying; writer’s bloc! or so I thought.

You figure that may be that life had slowed down and finally ground to a halt? Au contraire! Major rants and raves, and shifting philosophies of life, celebrating achievements, dealing with losses with my infamous pity parties (anyone need consultation? you can afford it- for now!), in and out and back in love again- I should have been on a major blog-a-thorn, right? Wrong!

Like a true case of manic depression, after the mania (in every possible description of the term) that lasted about a year, came the huge dip- what an anti climax! With all the goals (that I now realize were short term) accomplished, and to-do list ticked off… eeeh, came a huge deepening, gnawing feeling of “NEXT!”

Then as a ‘in small doses’ drinking bud (should come in minuscule-microscopic-cannot-be-seen amounts!) went into a self-righteous lecture (on my account!) about selling oneself short blah blah blah and blah di blah blaaah- something snapped.

Let’s just say I realised 2 is no longer my lucky number, I am liking the limelight, stray puppies/dogs/bitches have used up their quota and I am the lead instrument in this symphony.

It wasn’t bloc- the language had changed and I hadn’t realised it, the two step had flipped to a waltz and the person I thought I knew was but a fading image I couldn’t capture on paper no more. True, I love my archives, and a lot of what I read is nothing more than a fleeting moment of déjà vous- true story!

Meet the leading act… she does love the sound of applause!


Blogger Be silent said...


2:02 AM  
Blogger Jasmine said...

applause, applause! may i say 'encore!' ?
confession: i love your blog.

11:32 AM  

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