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Saturday, September 02, 2006

I had to do it...

I celebrate my triumph! finally dragged my lazy sedentary arse back to the gym
*applause! applause*

so it hurts to write this post; (literally- something to do with sodding lactic acid)

what I love (see thin line) about the gym

1. Being asked how much weight by a gleeful instructor who tuts surreptitiously even when I tell the truth

please note: fat weighs far less than muscle and two words- water retention; that has it covered

2. The well toned adonis who believes that anything on the treadmill next to him is competing; hence making me feel like I am waiting for a bus (see inertia)
then again, it does give a smallville feel to the whole image

3. The toning exercises that keep me giggling (to the instructor's annoyance) especially when the mirror ahead tell you you look like a dog marking it's territory

4. obese people (see 'in my opinion') who give me advise on dieting... eeeh???

5. I love the endorphins

6. The pain tells me that my 'halle' is making her way to the surface... *

7. What is with guys... chaps...lads strutting around in the gym- you almost expect the feathers (see peacock), mating call and of course the dance the only prob is the most aggressive seem to be stuck in a time warp of what they looked like- or just have gargantuan egos

8. Are sweaty guys supposed to be a turn on?...

9. I have a strong chest/bust - I always whack the weights on that machine... I am sure I will find a plus to having a strong bust... *light bulb dimming*

10. . When does the pain stop?... there is smile therapy, positive thinking, sex and if all fails... good ol pain killers.


Blogger Jay said...

Go back to morrow and the day after and before you know it muscles will be painles (so I have been told).

2:29 AM  
Blogger Zack said...

Interesting post. Kinda reminds me of my one aunt, let's call her Aunt Minnie. So when I'd come from a workout or sumn, she'd always meet me with such a sarcastic comment such as, 'I see you're on your way to athritis at such an early age'. And she'd go on about how medical reasearch has evolved so much that now all one'd need would be a few capsules or gels to tone their body. What irked me most was she always twisted the 'research' to meet her own goals. Phew, dear aunt Minnie! My response once to her comments once was, if you and a friend purrchased cars at the same time; you a Lamborghini and your friend a Datsun, and even if both cars lasted the same amount of time, who of the both of ya is gonna have the better time riding their car?

I'm linking you up on mine if you don't mind!

3:36 AM  
Blogger Iwaya said...

you're my inspiration. I'm getting into the guym too. no, seriously, this gut's got to go! stop chuckling Sam.

5:09 AM  
Blogger scotchbiscuits said...

yeah,are sweaty guys supposed to be a turn on? I like mine squeaky clean. where do they buy those?
a tad of cologne here, shirt pressed and not 'from yesterday'...generally those things which guys dont do!

6:00 AM  
Blogger Jadekitten said...

Are sweaty guys supposed to be a turn on? Eh, depends...sweat cuz you been labouring in the sun n grime all day ...NO!! sweat cuz you been work'n out in the gym, clean sweat....I think not *but*... sweat cuz we had a really steamy session, nice-smelling- pheromone-filled sweat....YES!!

G'luck with Halle....make sure t send 'before and after' pics...he he...

8:48 AM  
Blogger savage said...

Going to the gym is overrated. I have never been to a gym my whole life and I like to think I am doing fine.

About sweaty guys, depends on the chick. My girl is turned on by sweat.

10:57 PM  
Blogger baz said...

Motivation. Do those taebo things then corner that snotty instructor in a back alley. Thus the student becomes the mastah.

2:02 AM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

@jay... p[ain is all gone

@zack... when you say aunt, is she like one of those people meet and think she's ur kid sis too
link away luv

@scotch and jade... yep squeak then the steamy sessions, mmh 'clean' sweat

@savage... ur r probably one of them skinny buggers who eat whatever they want and never put on an ounce!

@baz... it works!!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Goddess of Sorts said...

i just joined a gym last week too! lookin for that illusive "hale" within...

and about sweaty men... why else would i watch soccer???

10:39 PM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

@inktus... ok maybe from a distance

12:49 AM  
Blogger nahjaj said...

loving this post...i know exactly wat ur talking bout!!!!

5:42 AM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

@nahjaj... i knew that you were somewhere out there- great minds...

11:45 AM  
Blogger Katie said...

I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 19. Hes just got a job in a removal firm. I love it when he comes home really sweaty. I get so turned on I want him to jump on me str8 away. I lve the smell of male sweat just like I love his chest and his tattoos and.. lol better stop b4 I'm banned

11:17 AM  

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