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Thursday, August 24, 2006

the power of sunday papers!

I love Sundays- no alarm clocks!

1. Haul arse out of bed,

2. Clean mouth
* think up ways of capturing animal that surreptitiously craps in mouth

3. bottoms up the alkaseltzer- or whatever rememdy that works... not choosy at this point

4. cold juice

5. pick up my numerous sunday papers from door
*swear never to touch another drink while bending over precariously

6. back to bed.

*please note: the only constant is the sunday papers- other activities maybe slotted in at will

The rejuvenation begins; it is foolproof- well, was; until the bloody high school reunion headlines screaming not only from the front page but the entire bloody paper- (even Baz!- beef)

There's another one coming I am informed; Ntare! why?!!!!


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