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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

ode to Uganda

“…I like I really like- I am falling in love…”

Finding out I was Ugandan as a teenager, was at the very least an earth moving experience for this teenage whose aim in life was to turn sweet sixteen like Maria in Sound of music.

It was like the female mammoth in ice age finding out she is not an opossum… hmmm but I guess, you always know deep down, like why cant you help me with my Kiswahili homework, and how come we have to kneel while greeting our granny, and mum it is not chikuyu for the nth time, ki ki ki kikuyu.

Now I am back home, no, home is not where the heart is… home is where home is… I love seating over a drink, with my people as they reminisce… and talk about my home, and my history

I love the boda boda, biker gangs in the making

The intrigue; how everyone seems to have a godfather of sorts

The grape vine; I fall, and you call me from Gulu in 5 minutes time to ask if I am ok

The scenery; yes, gifted by nature- flushing out all other holiday spots till I am done here

The silver back gorilla- you can see him in the picture- I am planning the trip to Bwindi park, the trek and my 60 minutes with him

The njawulo- ‘multi-tasking’ is everyone’s forte- everyone is making an extra dime

The stubborn need to be grounded- very vocal on moral issues, but.. eeeeh… you have to do as we say…

The kweyanjula and kuhinjira- a colourful ceremony where the guy asks for the chick’s hand in marriage- the cultural dress, the flair- the extended family

The love for life- we live everyday to the fullest

Those that wont let us forget- that they went to the ‘bush’ to fight

the list is endless, and so far I like I really like- I am falling in love- I am embrace my Uganda-ness; a new day a new story, my story.

I love Uganda, I love being Ugandan- I am home


Blogger DeTamble said...

wow am i confused. finding out you were Ugandan as a teenager? How did that work? If you were living there wouldn't you have known you were Ugandan already? That bit with the mammoth is hilarious, when she hangs upside down.

5:36 PM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

now that you say it... I should have mentioned that I was brought in Kenya

12:20 AM  

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