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Monday, June 26, 2006

Me Me Me

I am now going to have some me time.

I will write as I please because it is my blog.

I shall not try to be clever, witty or exciting- I shall be just me

I will speak about whichever topic i feel like- and if you bring up a topic; I shall not always back you up (even if it is just for entertainment's sake)- i will speak my mind!

I will inform you- whether you are the boss or not- if your work just doesnt do it, i only use 4 muscles to smile, but i am now fatigued. think tough love. Tough ha ha

I will say no, if i dont feel like having some; and no i will not entertain your pervy ideas to retain your fuck-buddiness- plenty of fish and that is just the dam...

I will not suck up to your spongy friends- i am about all dried up; and no, i dont give a fuck if his dad is or was the CJ, minister or even president of our abundant regimes- bad manners is bad manners, even dressed up in burberry's

I demand that you return all my stuff- whether you think i am being funny haha or otherwise- it is mine- me- you borrowed. wait for your birthday, and hope that santa's still alive; he just might give me a call.

I request kindly *eyes glinting with evil* that you cease to discuss what you think you know of my love life- wait for the bleedin wedding card
this demand is valid for the next 2 decades- it is subject to change without notice

Dont hate me for being clever- i worked hard at 'clever' i read a book or two a week and yes, i get down to the nitty gritty of what i like- so fight fair; and dont get nasty when your shallow knowledge of an issue I am passionate about, runs out.

If I dont feel like talking to you i will not- i am 'trained' (see conditioning) to say hi, dont expect more- especially if you fall in the 'very small doses' category, or 'always rub me the wrong way' category; but if you fall in the I will talk to you when inebriated; say hi and get me a stiff drink- cheers

I am allowed to bitch about my job, I spend about 55hrs a week on it, and still work when not in the office- I would like to be doing better things like sleeping- but I love my job and will bitch about it as I please

Ok, you dont like me- that's alright, coz i really dont give a shit- just dont try to be nice, or worse still try to engage in 'meaningful conversation' my snap-o-meter is not resilient, so when i snap and cant unsnap- dont look at me like i am a mean icy bitch or raving lunatic at worst.

So, you are a golddigger; good for you went though that stage, what about you, like your men white? fine; oh, you cant stand women who take beer; you only have sex after the third; dont mind lesbians but cant stand homosexuals; you believe that a woman should manage the home while you party' you'll pay for the bills of course- ok refer to sentence 4... ; still chummy chummy? if you're cool- we could go places

Your complimenting me, and flattering me the whole night; and peeing around me to mark territory does not guarantee you a shag tonight love- was lovely, I love the attention- you're just not my type; well that is unless you are...

Yes, i get along with my 'partners' at work- we work together, got to know how he (well mostly) thinks- please stop reffering to their partners each time you see us together; i DO have a sex life; then again, I could always give you something to talk about.

ok, I can go on and on... but it just isnt the same as sleeping, it comes so easy...


Blogger mudskippah said...

It's been long since I was around but checking your joint today... that's some fine writing over here. Don't answer back, I mean no harm!

4:00 AM  
Blogger nick said...

wow let it rip sista girl let it rip

by the way ur right this here is ur blog and u can post if u want to post if u want to...hee hee

oh boy u got that right about sleepin mmm mmm mmm

8:54 AM  

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