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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

been too long...

then we discovered facebook... and got all excited about it, and met all these people, some remaining as names, blurs, or simple who? and "it was good"

then kinda became the day in day out, not really day to day thingy-ma-bob it had promised to be. so we dumped it... and ta daaa here we are again.

last time it was mandy the bitch... now it is psycho sicko the kitty cat!!

should be back with more... love, lust, comebacks, flashbacks, ups, downs, what-the-fucks? oh and yeah... obama this obama that, everywhere obama obama... Miriam chose a wrong time to the kick the bucket... we didnt here it drop in all the pandemonium about Africa's biggest moment- did I say Africa... i meant the bloody planet earth!!

obviously on fire... burrrrning the pages... will be back!!



Anonymous Minty said...

You you, living up to your name, missing link (I might have dyslexia. Do you see my tear stain left so many times on this page?
Kale welcome back.

11:10 PM  

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