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Monday, January 07, 2008

You spraken?

Joey in the sitcom, friends- cracking me up… the ‘Joey learns French’ episode (if you got that you are a chick, gay, or still confused about your sexuality). Frenching up the English language as he goes on. “le fleuff!”- whatever that meant.

I want to do that too! I’ve got the Chinese accent down to a Tee- the Indian one always gets me into trouble with Indian business associates, especially when you take the mimicking the body language to portray absolute attention, taking it to the next level- if you don’t speak it, fake accent it!

Anyone want to join the club over a drink and we can French, Chinese, Indian, Zulu it for thirty minutes. It would be good fun;


there will be no incessant giggling,

topics will be mailed to you a week before rendezvous to allow ample practise in body and language mannerisms.

invite dates to come pick you up at the end of the thirty minute session

advanced class syllabus will include frenching it in bed

RSVP to LM @ comment box!

Le bujoli gelsamble!- French it!!


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