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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Darkest of AFRICA

I cant belive at one point in my not so long lifetime I earned a miserly hundred dollars and felt like the richest girl on earth.

Then I dreamed of the time when they would pay me double triple, maybe in Euros... it doesnt hurt to dream a little does it? considering when watching this non-descript movie about the workings of genecide in Bosnia and how the world's police dogs looked the other way, and we watched in fascination, these caucasians butcher the other over ... what was it? religion?... we didnt get it, it's not like they had been colonised before, or had to forsake their rich mother tongue, for an ishy language, and werent told that their way of dealing with the supernatural was devilish and demonic and repent thy ways, or there is only one God and his name is....(fill the blank.

What made these caucasian blode haired blue- eyed, dark haired, exotic looking eyes butcher the other... I mean they did look a like- and we went on watching the movie... in between conversations, engaging moments in movie, dreadfully boring white scenes of cold...etc then it happened... "what?" - "WHAT!?" we thought and yelled (it matters not with my buds, they think it they yell it, you hear it, they inform you it was a thought... then you kinda have to deal with ... that! if it offended you... it was a thought, you cant fault me for thinking can you?)

where was i...ah yes. "WHAT?"- and this is a true story... not the movie, us reacting to the movie whose name has been blanked from our minds.

a rebel leader threatens to send one of the his 'boys' to "darkest of africa" and we chuckle... yeah there's some daaaark in Africa... and he specifies destination " Uganda"


The rest is a bunch of girls making noise at a tv set and dvd, and gesticulating menacingly at picture now (on pause)on screen... the demanding a replay, to make more noise sneeringly.

A completely good reason for a boozy bitchy session.

Oh by this time we are earning way over three times the 100 dollar salary... we wear more expensive clothes (they're now new) have a gazillion pairs of shoes, drive to wherever- down the road for a pint of milk- cause you dont want to dirty your freshly manicured feet- and feel nothing like the richest girls we thought we would feel like.

Clearly we lost the plot... thinking now- if I can make.... no, just need to live within my means...

heheheheheh , I know, I know.... hehehehehehe seriously.... heheheheheheheeeeee

ok... tee hee


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