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Monday, November 13, 2006

njagala space!

getting office space in this K'la of ours

This must be the most annoying, tedious, winding not getting any where task!!

Office equipment, check; favorite coffee mug, check; brilliant mind, with devastatingly good looks to match, check; work that brings in money, check; what is left… oh yeah, office space!!

Get this place in bugos, not bad, just looks right, well, it’s near enough to the main road, we have seen the first room, and the second is locked- a mumble about the landlord, estate manager- knock on door and try to figure the volume in between- sounds hollow enough for board room- sigh, that was easy… now for the final fine details
“Come tomorrow” she says… “No problem”- knackered anyway.

Day two… no landlord slash estate manager, “definitely tomorrow” realize there isn’t any power for second day running; bloody load shedding! Force smile, and move the next day’s appointments.

Day three… she doesn’t look very friendly today, but is able to muster a “hellos” anyway, as she goes back to her katogo- is it possible to see the ‘board room’ we ask and she looks up with the corners of her lips turned downwards
“Are you people serious about renting or you are just disturbing me?”
eeeeh….. And there’s no electricity again! let the sneering dogs lie…

get brilliant place, with a large grassy compound, with trees and shade from the sun- perfect! And landlord gets to drawing up a lease- and we do a loving inch by inch scan (interior deco fingers itching!!)

Then the throne room; the loos… have to run about 300m, turn the corner and voila- a cement structure, struggling to keep upright in the midst of a chocking bush, which I was sure was home to a shocking number of species. The need (complete dire straits) overrides the fear of creepy crawlies and I make a dash through the doorway in to a squelching slippery slimy, and moss coloured and covered floor, that opened up to the most disgusting latrine loos I have ever seen… the closest being them filthy boarding school loos… eeow eeow eeow! Eeeeow! Totally gross! Gut retching gross!

When informed, the Landlord looked totally unperturbed and mentioned something about it (fixing the loo) not being rocket science (he could have fooled me) “it can be fixed, but that is now more costs”; then gazes at us unblinkingly, without shame… what the f#$K has that got to do with me?! It’s ur bleeding building and it is a downright disgraceful eeeooowky shame!

Move to next office space- a lewd leering old man has his eyes almost falling through my cleavage, and could literally hear them crawling up my colleague’s midi skirt.
“Actually I have space i think you would like- ok” (did he just lick his lips?!) ”… downstairs, corner office, right next to the entrance”- are you kidding us, we looove this space- poor thing looked like he had just been informed of a ménage a trois!
On follow up call next day to arrange for payment of rent, he grunts something about not being interested! And maybe we should wait till next year, he would have partitioned the top floor!...hmmmmmm
I know this is the time when we should have used our female wiles and cajoled the space out of him- then again, regale him and then pay for rent…eeeh I don’t think so!

Property guy needs airtime and busfare to get space … help! Anybody!!


Blogger joshi said...

hahaha...i had no idea getting office space was that for that landlord who thought u were giving him a mangre a trois..u shud have lead him on and left him hanging(my tongue almost poked right thru my cheek),and made him look for some ice or a a cold shower in the middle of town

2:25 AM  
Blogger Mr. Magoo. said...

This is insane.

"..a lewd leering old man has his eyes almost falling through my cleavage."

Hmmm. So actually hot babes don't have it easy all the time. Who knew?

7:50 AM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

@joshi... maybe if he was a fly, good looking, nice smelling, rich, apollo built ...catch my drift?

@magoo... depends on if you are looking at the means or the end; i guess...

10:08 AM  

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