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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Listening to Harry Kimani’s "Haiya" brings back loads of memories come flooding in

I grew up in Kikuyu land; post mau mau and pre-underground garages and on to post nyayo.

They were a lovable lot- eccentric in their ways but focused.
I remember my mum’s kyuk boss passing through home on Christmas eve to dropoff some of his farm produce in the Christmas spirit, and what was he driving a Pajero!!!

Now kids don’t get me wrong- but in the nineties this was like the cat's pajamas (always wanted to use that !!)

Kids (basketball team- not bad) scrambled out to stare and marvel at one of the latest Pajero models; mouths agape- and kid brothers absolutely animated…. And then


No it couldn’t be- we didn’t keep any goats….


Yes- right there inside the well carpeted brand new carpet of this brand new paj's boot was a goat- we looked over to Mr Maina- who by the way didn’t look one bit like the amount of money he was worth- his jacket looked like it had been washed in water, hang out in the sun and ironed- it was all lumpy at the seams, with a curious sheen all through- he completed the look with gum boots and crowned it with uncombed kinky african hair!

"I just came from the shamba- and I brought some thing for Christmas"

Yes- literally from the garden, but since the goat- now seriously humping the back seat- wasnt ours it was one of two things it was meant for someone higher up the rung- or from a neighbour competing in generosity.

it is not a stereotype- kyuks tend to be hardworking folk who could make money out of anything- always jolly, loved their drink but always had a firm woman waiting in the wings to reel them back in lest they stray.

I didn’t realize it then- but I do miss the ‘buggers’, their mannerisms, profusely expressive ways that includes pointing the direction of someone of a place with their lower lips, and their willingness to laugh at themselves and others in good humor.

back yo Harry Kimani....


Blogger joshi said...

ur kenyan!!

1:42 PM  
Anonymous magoola said...

Damn you Joshi! I was expecting to be the first here.

ok, since you seem to be Kenyan, how did you end up in Kampala?

12:39 PM  
Anonymous baz said...

I was here before all of you.
Because I invented the nineties, baby!

That was when we used to say, "LissingMink is down with Harry Kimani, cos he got it like that. Word to mother."

Ah. Mr Cooper.

4:43 AM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

@baz word!

7:15 AM  
Blogger Zack said...

& getting back to the post...this is beautiful! But u've bin away far too long...u'o.k.?

10:18 PM  

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