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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ad libbing

Making it up with the guidelines of the original script.

I remember my first radio job interview when I was not feeling the vibe and was wondering how long it would take me to transverse across town to insure I still had my what I presumed to be a dead-end job (no I was just bored… another story) and hoped that my excuse would augur well- when the ‘bugger’s’ face lit up- pure glee

B: you have a music background

Lm: Uh huh (you staring at cv)

B: That means you’re creative

Lm: Uh huh (what’s that got to do with me fiddling with the buttons on the machines in your
studio and loving the sound of my voice)

B: (to his self) This is great… mm hmm … (to me) I have a keyboard

Lm: uh huh ( eeeh…I have a pressure cooker)

B: I was thinking of starting a production studio

Lm: Uh huh (I was thinking of bungee jumping)

B:*Silence- with expectant look*

Lm: (alarm) woah… I play 2 or three instruments, but if that is what you mean by creative (I
wasn’t doing no more ‘composition classes’ for a living!)… I applied for presentation

B: (incredulous- indignant) so you lied… the cv is a lie!

Lm: No, I said I played- but I am not here to compose jingles- I would just like to present…

B: But it says you play piano!

Lm: Yes

B: So you play?... Done- you have the job.

That was about the beginning of my ad libbing in Uganda! How? Apart from waking up at ungodly hours to do a morning show- I was stuck in a production studio- and he leaned on me for all my ‘ingenious’ to meself “crap!”

Yes, this is what lissing did, well still tends to do- taking Einstein out of context when he said
“genius is 10 percent talent and 90 per cent work”
and making him fit my generally formulated life philosophy instilled since childhood
“Improve on ur weaknesses”
simple mathematics also seems to elude me (hahaha to clever for my own good).

I actually have taken it to the levels of excelling in my ‘weaknesses’ and around you people thinking what a genius I am (then again I might have missed the sarcasm)- then comes boredom, dissatisfaction and ultimately distraction as I take on a new challenge.

You see the thing about ad libbing is, on it’s own it’s ad-non-sensing it.
So still searching for the original script- got bits and pages of it- I am tired of making it up as I go along- only; I am Director/ Producer of script- will source for more info- the usual culprits- life and bigenderako.


Anonymous magoola said...


So like you are an on-air personality and you do production at the same time?

Get paid double?

12:43 PM  
Blogger lissingmink said...

I have long since parted with the radio industry...

1:36 AM  
Blogger Black Beauty said...

Ahhhaaaaaaaaaa....i feel you kodoshe....TRAUMA is the word.

9:37 AM  

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