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Monday, May 01, 2006

a guy called murphy...

the sequels never quite march up but noooo... i take my backside to the movies...yes, final destination 3. you know what will happen- i guess that is part of the movie- it just gets better doesnt it? more squelches, ghastly scenes of blood, i think the nail gun was the best worst scene- watch the whole movie through tightly squeezed eyes, that just happen to be open behind my hand... that suddenly seems eeeeeh.... not quite opaque.
i guess we are all suckers... deep down, you know things will go wrong, and you try to figure how, why, variants etc- in essence bad news is 'good' news.

a friend once proposed a mobile drunkards catheter... i second it- that is the last time i have a zozzled bloody beer buddy crashing on my sofa...!!

Any ideas on how to market the catheter?...


Blogger lissingmink said...

is it showing now?

8:48 AM  

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